Frequently asked questions:

What is the EKol® System?

The EKol® System is an advanced glass covering system designed on the basis of two components, EKol® glass beads and mortar, that develop a high mechanical and chemical resistance, guaranteeing a superior quality finish.

What type of finish should I get if I apply the EKol® System?

The EKol® finish is designed to provide surfaces with a natural texture similar to that of shingle (small rounded pebbles) but with all the advantages of glass.

Like sea sand to the touch and with the beauty of a surface with a natural finish and unique style, EKol® finish is smooth and, although “uneven”, nonabrasive

Where can I apply the EKol® System?

The durability of the system is as important as its aesthetics. Designed to withstand conditions in wet areas such as swimming pools, jacuzzis, lap pools, spas, showers, fountains, and reflecting pools, it is also highly recommended for exterior applications in dry areas such as walkways or sidewalks, floors, walls, facades and steps.

What are the advantages of an EKol® covering?

The following advantages stand out among multiple benefits:

  1. A non-slip surface.
  2. Does not absorb liquids or grease.
  3. Highly resistant to changes in temperature.
  4. No discoloration with the passage of time or when exposed to light.
  5. Resistance to chemical substances.
  6. Is not damaged by alkaline changes in the water.
  7. Wide range of colors that adapt to any environment.
  8. The temperature of the covering does not increase when light colors are exposed to direct sunlight

Why is the color of the blend I chose not the same as the one in the EKol® catalog?

EKol® glass beads are composed of a high percentage of recycled glass and therefore slight tonal variations may exist in the color blends. This feature, however, enhances the final appearance of the covering. When selecting the color of the mortar, take into account that this is a fundamental element that complements the final finish of the covering, achieving different effects while using the same color blend.

In addition, the colors in our brochures, catalogs and samples are only indicative since they may vary from the photographic images displayed. Check the color of the blend prior to installation.

Why are the colors of EKol® blends not uniform?

EKol® blends make up an organic combination of colors that provide enamel, translucent and opalized finishes within the same blend. These components are therefore the basic colors and there are no established percentages of solid colors. The “dashes” of color in a blend do not have a dominant effect on the final finish. On the contrary, this feature enhances the final appearance of the covering.

For more information, see the EKol® System Biosphere – Biosfera and Aquatic – Acuatica Collections designed for applications in exteriors, swimming pools and wet areas.

¿ Why does the blend I selected look different when dry and when submerged?

EKol® offers a natural versatility from the same color blend that lies in the effects manifested in these two variants. In a dry blend, color variation primarily depends on sunlight reflected at different angles throughout the day.

If the blend is submerged, the depth (and water factor) considerably influences the final appearance of the finish and you will have greater variation. However, this variation and contrast are natural.

We recommend assessing the different effects that you will get before you select a blend.

I have selected my EKol® blend. How do I choose the color of the mortar?

Choosing the color for the mortar depends on an aesthetic evaluation that is absolutely personal. However, please take the following into account:

  • How the area where the covering is to be installed will be used: floor, wall, steps, pool, fountain, etc.
  • If it is an outdoor or indoor area.
  • In the case of floors, the amount of traffic in the room where the covering will be used.
  • The criterion of the architect, installer, or owner.

We recommend consulting a certified commercial adviser so you can get to know the range of colors available for the mortar and view, evaluate and handle samples before making the final decision.

What color do you recommend for the mortar?

Using a mortar color similar to the predominant color of the EKol® blend will give a continuous visual effect and highlight the bright shades of the blend. Using a dominant/intense shade for the mortar will generate contrast in the covering and emphasize the enamel, translucent and opalized finishes contained within the same blend.

It is important to evaluate the hue variation you will get for the same blend by selecting a different mortar color because the background color considerably influences the final appearance of the glass. Before selecting the color of the mortar, we recommend consulting a certified commercial adviser for further reference

Why does the color of the water in my pool look different to what I expected?

There are many factors that influence the final color of the water in the pool: the depth of the pool, the angle of sunlight, landscaping, night lights placed around the pool, and water features (fountains, sprays, chemicals and filtration) can be determining factors affecting the color of the water.

We therefore cannot guarantee that a sample or photograph of the product exactly matches the color of your finished pool. In all cases, give time to the process of initial curing (approximately 30 days) before judging the finish or color.

How much does the EKol® System cost?

Only our Installation Department can provide you with an estimate for installing the system. The cost will depend on many factors including the design, size / interior dimensions of the pool, and selection of the products / color blend. If you are renovating your pool or walkway, you may incur additional costs for the disposal or treatment of its existing finish. Visit our page and contact our EKol® Technical Assistance Department directly at

Will EKol® glass beads fall out over time?

EKol® glass beads will loosen during the initial curing process (usually after a few days). It is normal to experience a small loss of beads – a 5% loss maximum – for a short period of time after you start using the pool or walkway. There is no cause for alarm, 95% of the surface is covered by EKol®.

Once the EKol® covering is installed, is there any risk of cuts?

No. EKol® is composed of small, brightly polished, smoothed (no sharp borders or edges) glass beads that are carefully selected during the manufacturing process to guarantee smooth, durable (crack-free) surfaces in and out of the water.



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